Absolute Summer Show


Picture 325

Mika Rottenberg,Cardio Colaric Cyclopad, 2005
Lambda print
140 x 110 cm

The gallery presents its last show at Amagerfælledvej 42. The gallery will relocate during the autumn and I am expecting a baby and will give birth in September. The gallery will close after this show until February where we look forward to re-opening in the new space at Sturlasgade 12B. In the meantime, the gallery can still be contacted at the above email and address.

This summer group show is an occasion to show the gallery program, to introduce artists who will show at Sturlasgade in 2006 and to say goodbye to the old space. I am happy to present the following artists:

Lucas Ajemian (US, b. 1975) will show drawings. This year, he has been featured in the British magazine Contemporary’s special issue on video artists. He will exhibit solo at Parisa Kind, Frankfurt in September. Lucas Ajemian’s work with political issues and authorities is related to the works of Aaron Young (US, b. 1972). He presents photographs, a documentation of a project with homeless people. This year, he has shown at PS1, A Greater New York, and currently his works are included in group shows at Barbara Gladstone Gallery, Perry Rubenstein Gallery and MoMA’s New Acquisitions. He exhibits in Europe for the first time. In October he’ll show at the Astrup Fearnley Museum, Oslo, and at Kunstwerke, Berlin. Aaron Young will show solo at Kirkhoff next spring.

Gitte Schäfer (DE, b.1972) shows paintings, sculptures and drawings. Future shows are at Lothringer Dreizehn, Munich; Gallery Chez Valentin, Paris; Galleria s.a.l.e.s in Rome, and the ICA in Philadelphia. Her work often tells stories that lie in surfaces and structures, equivalent to the work of Ulrik Heltoft (DK, b.1973). He presents photos and a video. He has previously this year shown at Murray Guy, New York and Kirkhoff. AVPD (DK, both b. 1974) wil present photos that also deal with surfaces, merging with virtual structures. They have been invited to do a solo show at the Danish Center of Design and will exhibit in Seoul and Vienna next year.

On show are two representatives of young painting. Ida Cecilie Kvetny (DK, b. 1980) studies at Edinburgh School of Art and at Yale. She exhibits for the first time at the gallery. Her work mixes abstraction with figurative, cartoonish elements, with a very powerful impact. I’m also happy to present the painting of Elif Uras (TR, b. 1973). She works with a colourful figurative painting, often displaying bourgeois leisure activities and desireful extravaganza. In 2005, Elif Uras showed at Greater New York, PS1 and her work has been featured in The ArtReview 25: Emerging US Artists. She exhibits in Denmark for the first time.

Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen (DK, b. 1970) shows her controversial video ”Absolute Exotic”. She will perform the rap and dance from the video at this opening’s afterparty. She has this year received the 3 year grant from The Danish Art Foundation and will show solo at Statens Museum for Kunst, ’X-Rummet’, Copenhagen, in February 2006. Her often absurd pieces that deal with cultural identity and in this case male desire are connected to the work of Mika Rottenberg (IL/AR, b. 1976). She shows photographs, related to her video, "Mary’s Cheries" and "Tropical Breeze". Her work revolves around aspects of consumerism, feminism, body and desire. She participates in MoMA’s show New Acquisitions at the moment and has earlier this year participated at PS1’s Greater New York. She exhibits in Denmark for the first time and will show at Astrup Fearnley Museum, Oslo, in October and Kunstwerke, Berlin. Her work was featured in The ArtReview 25: Emerging US Artists.

Not only female identity is on show here, works about the male identity are indeed represented by Jannis Varelas (GR, b.1977) whose humorous large scale drawings show futuristic, testosterone men in a renaissance portrait tradition. He will show solo at Kirkhoff next spring and will graduate in May 2006 from The Royal College of Art, London. He currently participates in a group show at ICA, London. This is the first time he shows in Denmark.

All images of exhibited works will be available here right after the opening


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