AVPD: New Works


Picture 631

APVD, Transperancy, 2007
Framed transperancies
39 x 52 x 3,5

It is a pleasure to present the Danish artist group AVPD’s second solo show New Works in the gallery. The exhibition period is September 8th – October 27th 2007.

AVPD present works with point of departure in our perception of time and space as well as the relationship between surface and spatiality. Whereas AVPD’s larger installations distort the viewer’s sense of orientation, this exhibition contains small and large sculptural works on floor and walls.

A special phenomena occurs by AVPD’s use of translucent acrylic fronts on white boxes with variable inner spaces. The acrylic refracts the light that naturally shines through it, throws it into the inner space of the box as a diffuse light. Not being able to see the inner space of the box, the viewer perceives a reflection of its volume in the acrylic in the form of a two dimensional, vibrant, monochrome spatial surface.

AVPD’s objects are related to especially Donald Judd’s Minimalism in their consequent and strict expression. Where Judd worked with a static form, AVPD use temporality and the gallery’s architecture as an important context for the works. Not only are some of the works site specific, but also the day light is defining for the monochrome surfaces of the works. With various light intensities, dependent on the inner volumes, the works show us different shades of grey – a lighter grey during the day and a darker one at night. The objects are therefore fluctuating and variable, related to James Turrell’s work with light and space. AVPD let the colour of the objects be an expression of the empty inner volume as a reflection of the void. A simple, coloured square that nods to Malevich’s Black Square. At once concrete, physical and simple and yet abstract and perceptual at the same time. AVPD unite surface with volume, concrete space and imaginary space, form and perception.

The exhibition is part of AVPD’s work with the constellation subject/object/context and the relationship between spatial and temporal structures. AVPD consist of Aslak Vibæk (b. 1974) and Peter Døssing (b. 1974) who have worked together since 1997. Earlier exhibitions include Double Exposure (solo), Kunstforeningen Gl. Strand, Copenhagen and The Balcony, (solo), Danish Design Center, both 2007; Exportable Goods, Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna and Trial Balloons, MUSAC, Spain, both 2006. In October 2007 AVPD will participate in the public art project Agorafolly at the Europaliafestival in Brussels and in a group show at MoA, Museum of Art, Seoul National University in Korea and in February 2008 in the exhibition Super Structures in Saigon, Vietnam. AVPD have been invited to show a permanent installation in Karriere which is a new bar with site specific art, opening in Copenhagen November 2007. AVPD currently work on the architecture competion Superkilen, in collaboration with Henning Larsens Tegnestue.


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