Hartmut Stockter


Picture 306

Hartmut Stockter, Observationskoffer, 2001
Suitcase, magnifying glass, lamp
12 x 33 x 24 cm

Hartmut Stockter
March 5th – April 23nd 2005

Kirkhoff is happy to present Hartmut Stockter’s first solo exhibition in Denmark, Wundergarage.

The German artist Hartmut Stockter creates peculiar inventions – works that stage the human fascination of nature. They articulate a loss of nature, while simultaniously offering concrete tools to rediscover it.
One example is the work Plant Backpack. A backpack contains an oxygen mask, transferring fresh oxygen from the plants to the carrier, when walking around in the poluted air of the urban space. Or an earlier work, Listening to Birdsteps, where the spectator with a stethoscope is able to listen to birdsteps in a bird house. An example of how subtle his works can be.

Hartmut Stockter has created new sculptural inventions for the exhibition Wundergarage. The largest of them meets the visitor at the entrance of the gallery: a giant balloon, which floats under the ceiling. With its shoulder straps and a cap it invites the visitor to ’wear’ it. The Private Cartographer’s Hot Air Balloon has built-in mirrors which enable the cartographer to visualize himself in the surrounding nature. He will be able to watch himself from above, wandering in nature and thereby obtaining a conformation of his actual presence in nature.

Another exhibited piece is Park of Nocturnal Wanderers. This is an ideal night park, not scary or rejecting, but a park specially created for the needs of nocturnal wanderers – thought of as a retreat for the sleepless. The planting and the animal life are specially adjusted to the nightlife conditions; with nightingales, moths, owls, and bushes flowering in the night. The park also contains a moon, an illuminated pavilion and lanterns flickering in the trees.
It is characteristic for Hartmut Stockter’s works that they invite to an interaction with the spectator. Beside their ’functional’ aspect, which exists more on a conceptuel level than as real mediators between man and nature, the works are aesthetic, poetic and humorous sculptures in themselves.

Hartmut Stockter (b. 1973 in Germany) is educated from Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Braunschweig. Hartmut Stockter has participated in several group exhibitions in Europa as well as in Asia. He has been living in Denmark for a couple of years and has participated in more shows in this country, for example at Overgaden in 2004.

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