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Installation view, kirkhoff 2007

It is a pleasure to present the first solo show with Tove Storch in the gallery. We cordially invite you to the preview on Friday November 16th from 5-8 pm. The exhibition will be open in the period November 17th – December 22nd 2007.

In the dark gallery space, illuminated objects on the walls and the floor stand out in shimmering gold and primary blue, yellow and red. A huge stone is placed in front of the entrance and only when walking around it, its hollow shape becomes visible. The massive volume is a shell, a mere surface. A yellow, metallic volume leans against the wall but looking closely it is a flat wooden board with the rendering of a volume projected onto it. A large iron pipe is really a print on paper and falls softly on the floor. Three large folded papers look more crumpled than they really are and a bouquet of flowers stands on the floor. Or does it?

Tove Storch investigates the process of creating shapes. But not in the usual sense. Using movement, shadows and projected renderings of volumes on flat surfaces, her sculptures lie in a new area between the physical and the imaginary. The perception of volume is an illusion in the surface of things. Like the membrane of Japanese paper, strechted over a light wooden construction with a virtual two dimensional cube projected onto it. The hollow cube tricks your eyes and appears solid – even though its sides don’t match perfectly. The construction reveals itself.

The discrepancy between media, matter and motif is accentuating the complex relationship between what you think you see and what’s actually present. The relationship between work and material deals with fragility and the fact that things are not what they seem. The staging of light and shadow, the shining golden cloth and the flower bouquet makes you think of contemporary trompe l’oeils, visual illusory tricks that deal with the constitution of sculptural presence.

Tove Storch (b. 1981) graduated from the Royal Danish Art Academy in Copenhagen summer 2007. She lives and works in Copenhagen and Vienna and is educated from the Art Academy in Copenhagen, Akademi der Bildende Künste in Vienna and Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee in Berlin. Tove Storch currently participates in the group show in Sydhavnen, Copenhagen, November 17th 2007 – January 12th 2008. Future shows include a solo show at Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art, Copenhagen in the fall 2008.

The exhibition has been supported by The Danish Art Council.


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