A Kassen


Picture 812

A Kassen, Rosette, 2007
PVC foam, paint
Ø 100 cm, 7 cm
Private collection

A Kassen work with performativ installation and sculpture. Actions, discretely part of the exhibition space, are characteristc of A Kassen’s works. The actions may even be so discrete, they don’t get noticed. But if they do get noticed, they contain strong elements of humor and surprise. Once in a while, A Kassen perform the actions themselves, but mostly they are performed by extras or even by monstrous machines, constructed by A Kassen.

A Kassen’s works refer to the objectless, conceptual art of the 60s, to performances and pop art. They examine and experiment with the borders between art and non-art, as well as self invented systems that change the functions of things within a given space. The works are absurd, subtle and often very elegant due to their seamless adaption to their context. In this sense, they form a critique of the institution and draw attention to how we act and navigate in a certain context.

A Kassen are Christian Bretton-Meyer (b. 1976), Morten Steen Hebsgaard (b. 1977), Søren Petersen (b. 1977) and Tommy Petersen (b. 1975).


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