BankMalbekRau: Brutal Fruit

October 29th - December 18th 2004 Opening October 29th from 17-20


Picture 223

BankMalbekRau, UT (large frame), 2004
Black MDF, mounting, stained MDF reliefs
320 x 625 x 9 cm

Kirkhoff is happy to present BankMalbekRau’s first solo exhibition at the gallery. The artist group consists of Lone Bank, Christina Malbek and Tanja Rau who have worked together since 1999. On show are black MDF sculptures, reliefs and collages.

The point of departure is Brutalist architecture from the 1960s and 1970s. Buildings and institutions for the masses were built in a style descending from Le Corbusier and his visions of an architecture that could contain all aspects of living, a community in itself. A style which has an honesty in its expression, an architecture that unveils its construction and function. An architecture without mysticism for a world without mysticism. Brutalism has later been accused of being alienating and of creating ghettos. First and foremost it was rational, equivalent to modern society’s other organizations and functions.

BankMalbekRau present new abstract sculptures and reliefs of wood that reflect the ’system’ and the dominating structures. But life is of course far from this demystifying and brutal expression. On the contrary, it is characterized by the individual’s irrational feelings, visions and dreams. BankMalbekRau let reliefs and collages of e.g. leather and thread grow out of the openings and the cracks of the structures as sensuous, obscure, romantic, perishable and pleasurable elements.

BankMalbekRau work in a field between painting and sculpture. The group often uses ’modest’ materials, e.g. print, paper, cardboard, MDF, for their meticulous and visually beautiful objects, banners, reliefs and collages. Investigating representational issues, they focus on iconography and the staging of art. The group is interested in the historical modes of representations, especially the Baroque and the cabinets of wonder from the Renaissance. Formally, their works are often displayed according to these modes in non-hierarchal patterns of mental associations or likenesses. The pieces play optical tricks and often challenge the spectator’s perceptual capabilities by means of their altered perspective and graphical innovation. BankMalbekRau play with the wonders of the world by transforming the material into socio-cultural emblems of extravaganza and beauty.

This year the artists have exhibited at Trapholt Museum (Denmark), Zacheta National Gallery (Warszawa), Paintbox Extensions (solo, Copenhagen) and at the sculpture quadrianial ’European Space’ (Riga).

BankMalbekRau and Kirkhoff are grateful for the support from The Committee for Visual Arts, Krydsfinér-handelen, Hans Just A/S and Dyrup.


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